Sunday, April 15, 2012

Precious Hearts Romances Summer Writing Workshop Screening

     My friend and I went to Precious Pages Corporation Main Office at #83 Sgt. E. Rivera (along C-3 Road), Quezon City. PHR will be having a Summer Writing Workshop scheduled on May 11, 12 and 13. Prior to the workshop they are holding a screening for interested participants. 

     We had a difficult time looking for the place. From V. Mapa, Manila we took a jeepney going to Quezon Avenue. We take off at Jollibee Quezon Avenue and took another jeepney going to Sgt. E. Rivera. We made a mistake of not looking closely at the address numbers. This lead us to Sgt. E. Rivera St. corner A. Bonifacio. We walked by going back and looking at the address numbers. Wheew! 

     Our screening started by having to answer a personal information sheet. Then, we were given a short exam. The examination part was something both of us were not prepared for. However, is a great experience. It was my first time to get in a publications house and see tons of books being prepared for final binding, packing and distribution. I could still remember the smell of ink. 

     I hope my friend and I will qualify to attend the workshop. Miss Jane Constantino told us she will just inform us thru our contact numbers. 

     For interested participants deadline of screening is on April 25, 2012.