Monday, August 27, 2012

Keep on Writing

     That's what I am holding on to right now -- I have to keep on writing. I have submitted a manuscript two weeks ago and was informed thru email that it is not yet good for publishing. Many parts of my work have to be changed. The problem mainly has something to do with the plot and the conflict of the story....too common as per the editor. I made a mental note that the status of my manuscript is "for overhaul" funny I know. 

     Nobody said that there is an easy way to be a writer, the world should have been full of writers by now. I have read a few stories about successful romance writers. Their journey was not easy, many of their novels have been rejected by different publications before they become published writers. One thing was common from what I have read about them -- They never gave up. They just kept on writing until they got to where they wanted to be. Dreams are made to motivate us and lead us to a specific direction. 

     After two unsuccessful submissions, I don't know why there is a part of me that doesn't want to let go of the dream to be a romance writer. I imagine scenes and dialogues I have to put into words. I should be content with my current job. At my age, I should be looking into a head start in my career but my entire being is shouting NO. I should be satisfied with what we normally talk about in the workplace but it gives me a feeling that "I'm trapped." Weaving stories gives me happiness no one I bump into everyday can fully understand. Call me weird, call my mind cluttered but for now all I know is...I have to keep on writing.