Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding: Alvin and Rochelle Cruz

     Aside from gift giving and series of parties on the merry month of December, romance also is in the air. Some lovers find December a perfect month to tie the knot. Just like my brother-in-law Alvin and his beautiful wife Rochelle. They got married on a rainy Saturday afternoon, December 17, 2011 at Our Lady of the Abandoned Church in San Roque, Marikina City. The title of my blog is My Romance Novels and weddings are present in some if not most romance novels. 

      The message of the priest to the couple was "magsama kayo sa hirap at sa ginhawa." We always hear this during weddings and the phrase means that the couple should stay together in sickness and in bad times and good sorrow and gladness.

    Ang masasabi ko ay nawa'y isabuhay ng mag-asawa ang tinurang mga katagang yaon: magsama sa hirap at sa ginhawa. Ang mag-asawa ay dapat magsama ng matapat hindi dapat makisama ang babae dahil siya ang napahalo sa pamilya ng lalaki at nabigyan ng bagong apelyido. Hindi din dapat ang lalaki lamang ang makisama dahil lamang sa paggalang sa babae. Magsama ang salitang ginamit upang magpahiwatig ng pantay na pagtanggap at pagmamahal sa isa't isa. Naunang banggitin ang salitang hirap bago ang salitang ginhawa dahil tunay na ang karamihan kapag nakakatikim ng kaginhawaan ay nakalilimot na kailangan rin magsakripisyo-- maghirap. 

Classic example:
     Wife prepares dinner and sets the table. She lovingly calls her husband. He goes straight to the dinner table and eats his share. He later stands up leaves his dirty plates, spoon and fork and goes back to watch his favorite show on television. Wife gathers the dirty dishes and washes them. Later she cleans the kitchen.

     The same scene takes place day by day. The poor wife does all the sacrifice and the husband constantly gets his taste of being treated as king. I hope after the wedding, when all the colorful garments and decors are put away. Husband and wife will equally share the word sacrifice.

Congratulations Alvin and Rochelle

Chapters of the Heart

Pinaywriter wrote a comment in my post: Accepting Rejection. Thank you and I will follow your advice. True that most of us dreamed of having our work published in PHR but there are other publications that might want to have our manuscripts published.

Here's one:

30/F Burgundy Corporate Tower
252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.,
Makati City
Telephone No: (632) 854-0072
Fax No:
(632) 851-8696
Office Hours:
8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday to Friday
& 8:00AM – 12:00AM Every Saturday

     I sent an email already; asked for the requirements. A few days left before year 2011 closes. I hope 2012 will be brighter and will open a door for me towards a writing career. Good luck to all of us! Happy Holidays! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Easy Companion Books by Bookware Publishing Corporation

     Saw this in the shelf while roaming around National Bookstore Katipunan branch. It is very timely for me to catch a glimpse of this book. Since I wanted to improve in writing a Tagalog romance novel. My first work was rejected by the editor and maybe this book has the answer to why my novel was not acceptable for publishing. I bought the book at a very reasonable price. Check it out at your favorite National Bookstore branch.

     To those who would like to write for Bookware Publishing, here is their invitation. Bookware Publishing Corporation is inviting everyone who is interested in becoming a part of our stable of successful romance writers to send in their manuscripts for evaluation.You could be the next best-selling romance writer in the Philippines. So start a rewarding career in writing NOW. All submissions should be 96-98 pages long, typewritten, double-spaced on short bond paper with one-inch margin on all sides.You may send in your manuscripts by mail or by personal delivery to:

BOOKWARE PUBLISHING CORPORATION 3rd Floor, Unit 301 Rizalina 2 Annex Building, 1677 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

For inquiries and other concerns, please call or text (02) 9867179, 0920 5581299, or send an email to

     By the way, true enough this book is really helpful. It has the answers to questions of most  of us who want to be a Tagalog Romance writer. I can't help but reveal an implish smile because I wrote my novel without preparing a framework. The book has lots of tips to reach our dream. It is simple and easy to understand. It is indeed an easy companion.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Accepting Rejection

"Accepting rejection the right way, shows that you are a strong human being. Look forward to upcoming acceptance." by LoVerSLaND

     In a few weeks,  year 2011 will come to a close. All must bid farewell to 2011 and welcome the new year - 2012. Before I finally close my "2011 book" I want to express how thankful I am for everything that I experienced this year. I have been through lots of firsts. First time to blog (via Cristine’s Favorites) and I found out that blogging isn't just a hobby. For some it is their means of living. They earn, make money and support their families through their blogs.

    Blogging for me is my outlet. For stress and for my dreams that are yet to come true. I dream of becoming a writer. That dream remained in me like fire that never stopped burning. I first attempted to make a manuscript:Sending the Manuscript of my First Tagalog Romance Novel but December 9, 2011 came, the day when I received an email saying that the PHR Editor decided not publish my work. 

     Sad - that was my initial reaction. That feeling only lasted for a few minutes. At the later part of the day, I found myself convinced that I will finish my second manuscript (on my way to Chapter 2) and try my luck once again.

PHR Rose Tan Collection

     Among all of my Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks, those written by Rose Tan are my favorites. She's writing style is unique and she has a way of tickling her reader's funny bones. When you want to be entertained and have a quick escape from stress read her books. 

     I don't have much of her books yet but I'm sure my Rose Tan book collection will grow. I say so because every time I drop by a bookstore it's her books I end up buying. I hope I get a chance to meet her in a PHR Book Signing. Here are some pictures of my collection:
He's The One, Red Roses for A Blue Lady and Pepper's Roses

Fernando's Hideaway and A Bad Hair Day

The Bloomer Bandits (Chuck) and Somewhere in my Heart (Tales of the Traveling Bling) Race

Thursday, December 8, 2011


     Totoong mas nalalaman natin ang kahalagahan ng isang tao kapag wala ito sa ating piling. - taken from my first Tagalog romance novel.

     It is true that we realize the importance of a person who has been a part of our lives when that someone is no longer there.

     We can hold on to the memories and thank God for allowing our paths to meet. A more courageous act is to find ways on how to keep in touch with that person and make up for the lost time. Courage - this is what most of us lack. Most of us avoid the things that might hurt us and in the end we keep on entertaining "What ifs" in our mind. 

     Love is not meant to be feared. It is a special gift to be shared and for the whole world to know. This is the message of the first Tagalog romance novel I wrote. I hope it gets the chance to be published.

     Please, please...maybe that would be a great Christmas gift...please again. ☺