Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Precious Hearts Romances: How to Submit a Manuscript

     When you are a reader of Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks, you should notice that one among the first few pages has the answer to how to submit a manuscript of a Tagalog romance novel. If you have the creative talent to write a Tagalog romance novel, then what are you waiting for? This maybe your chance to get published. Prepare a manuscript with 23,000 to 24,000 words divided in 10 chapters.

     It will be easier if you are already a reader of PHR pocketbooks. By being a reader you will get an idea of the kind of stories that will work. Meaning stories that have the chance to get published. If it is your first time to write for PHR, then try reading a few pocketbooks first. You'll notice that "kilig" factor is present in every book. Majority of readers of this kind of books are after the funny, cute and touching stories behind two people falling in love. When writing a Tagalog romance novel, use this formula:

step 1: Boy meets girl
step 2: They fall in love
step 3: Conflict arises
step 4: They kiss and make up
step 5: Happy ever after

     All pocketbooks have happy endings because this is what the readers want! Now, once you're done with your manuscript and feel that you are ready to submit it. Compose an email, attach your manuscript and resume and sent to: ed2rialstaff@yahoo.com. After sending your work, text your name, title of manuscript and subject of your email to: 09109854715. You'll receive a reply on when you could follow up your work.

     In my case, I am crossing my fingers up to now that it will pass the standards of the editor. I was told that I could follow up after a month from the time they received my manuscript. Good luck to all aspiring writers!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sending the Manuscript of my First Tagalog Romance Novel

     Writing a Tagalog romance novel is not easy. It is difficult to imagine yourself in the shoes of the reader while writing. It adds up to the pressure of trying to finish your work before you run out of words or your imagination stops running. Some writers say that it is natural to be victimized by writer's block. I am not a real writer and I don't know if I'll learn how it is being in that state-- writer's block.

     I am just enjoying the opportunity I have to be able to write a Tagalog romance novel. I have in my mind scenes, characters and conversations. Instead of just letting my imaginary characters rule inside my head I  write everything they say and see what will happen. When I'm done typing 23,000 to 24, 000 words in 10 chapters of the manuscript the most difficult thing has to happen. I have to review my work, delete unnecessary scenes and dialogues. I also have to arrange some scenes. I humbled myself and asked an office mate to read my work. I was first hurt by the series of comments I received from her. She even said that, "kung ako na nga hindi ko maintindihan 'yung sinulat mo, lalo na yung ibang tao." I felt hurt by her words and by the never ending comments. Still I continued to write and thought that she just meant well. I sincerely thanked her several times and I did learn from the experience. 

     I read my manuscript over and over again and checked for spelling and grammar errors. Then, finally! I just felt that I have to submit it. With cold hands I composed an email and attached my manuscript and resume and sent it to PHR Editorial Staff ed2rialstaff@yahoo.com.

     I received an email the following day that they received my manuscript and I'll just do a follow up after a month. That is a long time to wait but it's all right it means that lots of manuscripts are in line for review. Which only proves that Tagalog romance novels are here to stay. ☺

Giant Christmas Tree at Araneta Center Cubao

     I got off the train at Araneta Center Cubao station. I like it better when I get a chance to walk alone because I get a chance to imagine about scenes I could use in my novel. To my dear friends and officemates, don't get me wrong it's not that I don't like your company. It's just not really cool to tag along with someone while hearing dialoges in your head. Now I know why real writers and artists are moody. It's difficult to be in two places at the same time.

     Chuck, the hero in my novel was talking in my head when I noticed a small crowd forming at the connecting bridge of Araneta Center going to Gateway Mall. My face lit up at the sight of it - The Giant Christmas Tree. Here I'll share you the pictures:


Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Proper Manuscript Format

     I am surfing the internet right now. My quest is to find out what is the proper way of writing a manuscript. I typed "proper manuscript format" and clicked the search button. Among those that I read, this one from William Shunn is very helpful.

     Here's the link: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starting my First Tagalog Romance Novel

     I am in the process of writing my first ever Tagalog romance novel. My idea of writing one began when I started reading Precious Hearts Romances Pocketbooks. Most women in the Philippines read PHR pocketbooks and it's popularity grew more when it became a material for an afternoon program in a leading television channel ABS-CBN.PHR:BudBrothers

     Here's a research material I found on the Internet when I was searching for tips on how to write my romance novel: