Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My First 2013 Blog Post

     Hi to all of you guys out there who are reading my blog. Thank you so much for your time, though I become an inactive participant in the blogosphere every now and then. Thank you for joining me in 2012. That year was memorable to me. Year 2012 is a time when I really wanted to have an approved manuscript. It's the time when I am in a hurry to write. I had my taste of returned manuscripts at that time but I remained strong and hopeful up to this very day. I still write but I keep it slow this time. I read more now too. I am more outgoing now and I meet up with friends and get to meet real writers when given a chance. Life is sweeter when you savor each moment.

     I would like to say sorry to those who kept on sending their queries through my blog but failed to answer on time. Now, let me start as I answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Clarify ko lang po I am not yet part of PHR. I am also an aspiring writer like most of you out there. 
2. Required age for submitting manuscripts - Wala pong age requirement. As long as kaya ninyong magsulat ng nobela na romance ang tema at may 23,000 to 24,000 words at nakapaloob sa minimum of 10 chapters ay maari po kayong mag-submit ng manuscript.

3. Email address. Makakatulong po kung magbabasa kayo ng PHR pocketbooks. Sa ganoong paraan ay malalaman ninyo kung saan (address)  ipapadala ang inyong nobela. At matutuhan ninyo rin ang style ng pagkakasulat ng mga nobela ng PHR.

4. Subject na ilalagay sa email na ise-send: Manuscript for Evaluation.
5. Hindi pre-requisite ang workshop para makapagpasa. Kahit hindi nakapag-workshop ay puwedeng magpasa ng ms.
6. Para sa mga nasa malayo. You can submit your work through email.
7. Payment. Siyempre po ay may kaukulang halaga kayong matatanggap kapag approved ang manuscript. 

Sana makatulong ang ilang mga kasagutan na nilagay ko dito. Keep on reading and writing!