Friday, April 26, 2013

Precious Pages Warehouse Sale

Precious Grand Warehouse Sale

Dahil sa isa akong pocketbook / Tagalog romance novel addict ay naligayahan ako nang makita ko ito sa Facebook fan page ng Precious Pages. Alam ko na hindi ako nag-iisa. Sigurado ako, maraming "pb addict" na gaya ko. Kaya ano pa ang hinihintay niyo? Tara na!

PPC Warehouse, Biak na Bato, SFDM, QC

83 Sgt. E. Rivera St., San Francisco del Monte
Brgy. Manresa 1115, Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. No.: 414-6188
fax No.: 367-6222
Email Address:


Monday, April 1, 2013

Keep Inspired

Everyone needs an inspiration. Writers do! I agree that writers need more inspiration than anyone keep them writing. Writers need inspiration and encouragement; without those it'll be difficult to accomplish a book, a poem, a novel or just anything.

When I ran out of reasons to believe that I am a writer I visit websites that will give me a little push. Here try this: Inspiring Quotes for writers.

Whenever I could get away from work or stay up very late at night until early dawn, I would try to combine words, form a poem or weave a story.It is not always easy of course. Most of the time I find myself just staring at my laptop. When this happens I have to divert my attention to other hobbies that will inspire me and lead me back to my writer self.

I have a bead collection in one of my storage boxes. This was given to me by my hubby a couple of Christmases ago. I gave it a serious look and here's what I've done: 

I made mini rosaries for my brother and sister-in-law both working in Singapore (that's why I placed them in small pouches). I made some for me and my hubby, for my boys Ian and Allen, for my Nanay and Tatay and for my cousin Monica. I also created simple bead bracelets for my office mates. I feel pleased looking at my work and just like those creations I feel optimistic that those beads will be like words ending up in a romance novel.

When tapping my fingers on the keyboard is a little bit boring...what's fun about being a girl is:

Well, a  simple source of inspiration! ☺

But that's not all...

Long hours of writing for me, will mean cup after cup of bitter-sweet coffee...

There is no shortcut to the road to success...and so I learned to take one step at a time and savor each bitter-sweet moment.