Monday, April 1, 2013

Keep Inspired

Everyone needs an inspiration. Writers do! I agree that writers need more inspiration than anyone keep them writing. Writers need inspiration and encouragement; without those it'll be difficult to accomplish a book, a poem, a novel or just anything.

When I ran out of reasons to believe that I am a writer I visit websites that will give me a little push. Here try this: Inspiring Quotes for writers.

Whenever I could get away from work or stay up very late at night until early dawn, I would try to combine words, form a poem or weave a story.It is not always easy of course. Most of the time I find myself just staring at my laptop. When this happens I have to divert my attention to other hobbies that will inspire me and lead me back to my writer self.

I have a bead collection in one of my storage boxes. This was given to me by my hubby a couple of Christmases ago. I gave it a serious look and here's what I've done: 

I made mini rosaries for my brother and sister-in-law both working in Singapore (that's why I placed them in small pouches). I made some for me and my hubby, for my boys Ian and Allen, for my Nanay and Tatay and for my cousin Monica. I also created simple bead bracelets for my office mates. I feel pleased looking at my work and just like those creations I feel optimistic that those beads will be like words ending up in a romance novel.

When tapping my fingers on the keyboard is a little bit boring...what's fun about being a girl is:

Well, a  simple source of inspiration! ☺

But that's not all...

Long hours of writing for me, will mean cup after cup of bitter-sweet coffee...

There is no shortcut to the road to success...and so I learned to take one step at a time and savor each bitter-sweet moment.


noelbarcelona said...

I do agree with you. A writer without an inspiration is just cold and heartless machine. Inspiration, coming from real people, from the heart and soul, is what makes a novel good to read; a poem good to savor; and even a statement worth to believe. Amen to you! :)

Cristine said...

Thank you Sir Noel. Your words never fail to inspire me.